Creating is not a Hobby borne out of casual observation  but out of an Honest Communication Perspective of the Truth, of the Pure,  and of the Beautiful.


In the face of the overwhelming beauty of nature and the stark reality of disasters, the abstraction and the concept of art is powerless.


However, new ideas and awareness will be needed even in environments where there is a straightforward down-to-earth approach to a problem or where there is no artistic context.


Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life.


If activities that we believe to be "art" are truly creative, no matter what circumstances or environment, it may not be something that only exists.


In “Borders”, activities such as “art work”, “residence program”, “publication”, “information dissemination”, “research”, “design”, “workshop”, “event” and “tourism business” will be conducted focusing on “Dorokyou,  which has been  designated as one of the scenic spots in Japan.






Although physically separated at the prefectural border, people  living in Dorokyou do not see boundaries to places where they can bring their hearts in a beautiful way .


We would like to consider "creating" and "the art" in the context of a unique  experience in a place where the only border or boundary is the Hope of Conveying Beauty in its Truth and Purity.


This is what we believe:

Art in Nature resembles an intuitive encounter with the overwhelming Essence that, since time immemorial, has always been and will always be experienced by esoteric philosophers before they begin to think  and  before eminent artists begin to create.